Two bros and a buff weiner dog attempt to be heroes in the bizarre alternate reality called the Radisphere


Infinite Bros is about Elliott, Ramis and Jean-Claude Van Dachshund, two young heroes and their buff weiner dog, who are determined to save the day and look rad doing it.

Members of an elite militia called Scopers, their mission is to protect the Radisphere (A world created after the internet exploded. Literally)  from the gigantic monsters bent on harshing everyone’s mellow.  Unfortunately, Elliott and Ramis are easily distracted by shortcuts to fame and glory, without the actual “hero work” that goes into it.  But there are dark forces in the world, bent on conforming people to a boring, grey existence.  When they come knocking the world is going to be in dire need of originality, and not fitting in is what these outcasts do best.