An alternative comedy about that one dude, his shark roommate and an alligator as they try to survive in the rundown, hipster town of Rip City, CA.

What started as an idea to merge classic Sunday morning comic strips with short online narrative content, has transformed into countless different mediums. Eventually scoring a development deal Disney TVA. There it was re-imagined into an 11 minute animated pilot for television.

Imagine if Calvin and Hobbes had grown up to be college dropouts in Venice Beach.  What if they were obsessed with Scott Pilgrim, the dudes from Regular Show happened to be their co-workers and Beavis and Butthead moved in next door?  Drop these guys in the rusty, bum infested beach town of Rip City, CA and you’ve got Shark Bites.

Shark Bites is about a townie stuck in the orbit of two other supreme townies. Our hero Alex is determined to leave Rip City and finish art school.  But as long as life makes it so frickin’ easy to extend childhood, he can’t rationalize becoming an adult.  

Alex, Spielberg and Brooklyn are defined by their obsessions, which haven’t changed since the mid-90’s. They chase the latest trendy clothes, but don’t want to take off their Ghostbusters t-shirts.  They want to be sexual legends but learned their pick-up lines from R-Kelly’s Remix to Ignition.  They want to be taken seriously but can’t let go of their twitter feud with Kayne West.  Each episode, they try to get the adult world to redefine manhood on their terms.  Egotistical, insecure and unaware, these dudes deserve to fail.  But when their genuinely good hearts shine through, you’ll find yourself rooting for them to win… though they probably won’t.